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Information Technology Management Society (ITMSOC) is peer-reviewed international journal covering topics to all those researching and working in innovation management, business engineering and information technology management. ITMSOC promotes interdisciplinary research regarding problems and opportunities related to the development of emerging technology and global business practices and aims at disseminating and elaborating on knowledge bases and new knowledge within the different domain areas of business engineering, innovation, information technology and related disciplines. At the current state, the ITMSOC consists of two transactions which are the ITMSOC Transactions on Innovation and Business Engineering (IBE) and ITMSOC Transactions on Information Technology Management (ITM). The ITMSOC is a totally free access journal. Readers may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles without any charge. All submitted papers are reviewed by at least two referees before being accepted for publication. The authors who intend to submit manuscripts to a transaction of ITMSOC should follow the norms described in the transaction’s website.


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