Design of Dielectric Spectroscope for Cacao Pod Maturity Testing using Series Tuned Colpitts Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Jan Joevil Razona, Ryann Alimuina, Shearyl Arenasa, Divina Amalin
The growing demand for chocolate products has resulted in a looming crisis for the chocolate industry. Due to the low productivity and the susceptibility of cocoa with various diseases, the production of fine cocoa is estimated to be less than 5% of the world’s cocoa production. It is predicted that there would be a shortfall in the supply of cacao by the year 2020. The purpose of this paper is to design a non-invasive dielectric spectroscope using a microwave frequency for assessing the maturity state of cacao pods. This research not only eliminates the risk of falls in the cacao industry, but also improves the quality of cocoa in production.
Dielectric Sensing; Microwave Frequency; Oscillator; Total Soluble Solids; Voltage Controlled Oscillator