Using COBIT 5 to Cascade IT Goals for Subdistrict Administrative Organization

Jirasak Siriratanapol, Kanokmon Rujirakul, Laksamee Khomnotai
The objective of this study is to identify IT goals of Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO). The target organization in our research is MaklueaMai Subdistrict Administrative Organization (MkMSAO). COBIT 5 was applied to derive the IT-related goals from MkMSAO’s vision and missions. We then compare to the other organizations relied on three years plans. We found that Compliance with external laws and regulations , Customeroriented service culture , and Business service continuity and availability are most focused when the goals were derived from the three years plan. This is because MkMSAO has the responsibility to support the community coresponding to the Ministerial Regulation of Ministry of Interior.
IT Governance; COBIT 5; Subdistrict Administrative Organization; IT management; IT-related goals