Assessing Electronic Service Quality using E-S-QUAL and E-RecS-QUAL Scales

M. Mujiya Ulkhaq, Murad Rabbani, Agus T. Wibowo, Bedietra A. Rachmania
Internet in this highly competitive market has arguably affected and influenced daily business of firms in every sectors, especially in service sector. Consequently, the service has been changed from the conventional way with an emergence of internet to the electronic service (e-service). The quality of service provided by the service providers has been regarded as a key determinant for the success of the firms. Assessing e-service quality now becomes a promising area to be studied. This paper aims to assess e-service quality by using both popular scales of E-S-QUAL and E-RecS-QUAL. A case study was conducted in Zalora Indonesia, the one of the biggest online fashion shop in Indonesia. From the maximum score of five, the results of study shows that Zalora Indonesia scored 2.695 in performing e-service quality and 2.787 in e-service quality’s recovery. It implies that there are still many rooms for enhancement to achieve customer satisfaction. Integrating the scales with an importance-performance analysis to enable the prioritization on area needed to improve would be an interesting field to pursue.
Customer Satisfaction; E-S-QUAL; E-RecS-QUAL; e-Service; e-Service Quality